More Leads! More Conversions! More Sales!
Improve marketing performance
Personalize your customer experience.
Engage prospects and customers across multiple communication channels.
Increase operation efficiency
Better customer support without requiring extra manpower.
Collect qualified leads automatically.
Optimize your
24/7 customer support for global customers.
Reduce service response time.
Multi-channel engagement marketing
Contaoct center
Chat Comments
Chat robot
Marketing activities
Template Library
Customer Data Platform
Activity trajectory
Multi-channel social
media management
Real-time translation
Turn conversation into transaction
Welcome your visitors
Answer common questions Facilitate trust and positive customer experience and answer common questions in a conversational way!
Get qualify leads
Creating a rich profile for every prospect to give you better insight into your customers.
Recommend products
AI power conversation to understand the needs of customers and recommend accordingly.
Recover abandoned trolley
Spot customers who did not finalize the check out process and will attempt to convince them to place their orders.
With 7Engage, Service is a breeze
7Engage Livebot
60% of online customers prefer live chat compared to other communication channels.
Our Livebot makes your conversation interactive, more rich interactions for easier customer conversations.
Install Livebot with simple clicks, no coding required.
Customize the look and feel of Livebot to match your brand.
Get started instantly with various bot templates for your business use-cases.
Control your Livebot behavior, define actions for your bot to execute at every step.
Marketing automation
Automatically trigger SOPs, reaching potential customers through multi-channels.
Grow revenue with email marketing based on your customer’s profiles.
Pre-built templates for different events and customer journeys for marketing campaigns in a few clicks.
Gain insights on marketing campaigns for better performance.
A/B Testing on emails to learn the best content to reach your customers.
World-leading call center
Improve your interactions with customers and make your workflows more efficient.
Connect faster and answer better with omnichannel routing.
Decrease workload, Increase resolution efficiency.
Optimize faster and smarter with call center analytics.
Call transfers – Work effectively as a team.
Excellence confirmed by reviews
I think I've fallen in love with this app. In just a few days, I have tried a lot of new capabilities, and now I can do refined operations, accurate to the time customers stay on the page and the number of times customers visit....
—Newlipower,January 23, 2021
Very good application, after using my GMV did have some new additions, and customer satisfaction has also improved.
—Simple Call , March 16, 2021
This application includes the functions of marketing robots, EDM and SMS. Each function has a tutorial video and a help center, which can be learned and used by yourself.
—Sug Energy,May 23, 2022
An excellent customer service app. It makes it easier for me to respond to customer questions and relieves me a lot of work, keep working hard!
—Shaunta ,December 23, 2021
It helps me communicate with customers, the robot process is practical and easy toset up, looking forward to its fully developed other functions.
—idobao , February 16, 2022
When I first saw the 7Engage application,I felt that it was relatively new and I had never seen it before. I tried it for free with the mentality of giving it a try. It is very convenient to integrate shopify, and I installed it.
—HYCHIKA,August 23, 2022
Crush goals across your customer life cycle
New customer
Active reach
Welcome message
Guiding customers
Take a free trail
Customers browsing
Answer FQA
Provide product details
Recommend Product bundles
Take a free trail
Hesitating Customer
Send free shipping
Send discount
Take a free trail
Fading Customer
Call back discount
Promotion reminder
Feedback inquiry
Take a free trail
Loyal customer
Loyal customer
Events greeting
Easy customer segmentatio
Track customer repurchase cycle
Take a free trail
Automate all your business actions for a better customer experience
Auto Trolley retention
Recall 60% of customers who abandoned their trolley automatically with discounts and promotions.
Auto personalized marketing push
Personalized discounts and promotions are offered automatically to different customers to maximize conversion.
Auto information collect
Collect any data, creating a rich profile for every prospect for a better customer segmentation.
Capture high intention customer
Analyze real time customer behavior, and send discounts to long - browsing customers.
Product bundles recommendation
Recommend different product combinations when customers visit certain pages to generate more sales.
Increase single customer purchase value
Send Pop-ups to notify customers before they check out to buy more and they can save even more.
Automate marketing campaigns
Well designed e-mail templates with few clicks to stay connected with your customers.
Visitor trolley detection
Send discounts and collect customer information when they add product to trolley.
Performance analysis dashboard
Benchmarking analysis system, helps you understand how you are doing and what to improve.
Connect 7Engage with your
favorite tools and apps
7Engage multi-channel marketing platform
helps your business grow
You get intelligent customer bots and marketing automation,as well as our world-class CDP automation.
Simple installation within 5 minutes
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Find the “7Engage” app in the plugins section.
Install and activate the plugin.
Create your free 7Engage account.
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